I believe what I read,

Not knowing that I’m really

Being quite deceived,

TV doesn’t lie, does it?

Well not everything I read,

But things on the BBC

Or the Proper news on real TV,

They have to tell the truth there, right?

I listen to what everyone says online,

I didn’t mean to realign but after

A few days, I started to agree –

I started to think it was me,

I thought my opinions were true,

I didn’t know I had a hive mind,

Aren’t I really one of a kind?

I’d know a lie if I saw one,

I would never join in when violence begins,

I’d always say it wasn’t right,

But what if everyone else did it,

Perhaps then I might?

It takes a lot to be the real outlier,

The one who thinks higher or wider –

It’s easier to follow the herd than,

To think you’d be the rebel,

Don’t be absurd and deny your own nature

You’d do whatever culture urged

A hive mind is blind

Aren’t you doing it already?

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