Wanting out behind the walls

Of this small room that is my life

Three months in and needing air

But where go and what to do?

Limitation makes me question

What is it that I so seek?

Where is it I want to go?

What is missing now I’m locked

Locked inside and locked in life

Liberty is taken back

Sitting here in solemn silence

Wondering that which I need

Before the lock, I took as red

All that filled my busy life

Now I have the time to see

And wonder what I want to fill

When I go to life again

Will it ever be the same?

Do I want all that I lost

Or am I really free at last

I feel the pang of guilt inside

The pleasure to be free from life

Although I’m locked inside alone

In many ways I’ve gained myself

When the time for set free comes

I wonder who I’ll choose to be

The same illusion I once was?

Or will I really start being me?

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