I left you there in Meadowfield Rise,

You’d really let me down it seemed,

With all we’d been through and seen,

I wondered why you’d make it so hard.

It was hard, so hard, to let you go,

To be alone and in colder places,

Where people glared with empty faces

And laughed at others’ pitied states.

I left you there and thought I’d rise,

Thought that the new life would give

Me eyes to see a better truth,

Truth laughed at me – Oh, what a fool!

If I had seen the coming surprise,

Wrapped as lies in a jester’s play,

I might have stayed another day

Or taken you within my arms.

I left you there – an ignorant mind

So blind, with pride from wretched lust,

That stole and left only pain to thrust

And kick me deep inside and die.

Die, I did in city shadows,

Wandering heart encased in fears,

Learning the truth after many years,

That hope should never be left behind.

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