If you’re an empath, chances are that you have times when you just want to be able to shut it down, or at least tune it out to some degree or other. Empathic skills are a Universal given gift and can help us to help others. However, sometimes, it can be intrusive and difficult to manage. In order to stop overload, here are 5 of my top tips that certainly work for me and other empaths I know:

1. Allow nature to heal and fill you. There is a sense that other people can drain and take our energy, reserves and vitality. In order to be able to fill up quickly and efficiently, by far one of the easiest and best ways I know is to allow nature to do it for you. She can’t help it; it’s in her very essence! I find trees particularly willing to offer their energy but any nature will surely do this.

2. Stop talking and communication. I think this type of empathic leaking was something that I took a long time to realise was happening. Granted, sometimes we only need to be around someone to find them ‘borrowing’ our energy or heaping their bad energies into our space but, often times, it is stimulated or brought on through conversation. It is through connecting physically, and/or verbally, with another that we inadvertently plug in to them (or them to us). So taking ‘talking breaks’ is a very good cure for empathic overload.

3. Learn to maintain a good inner landscape and keep your communication loving but ‘bourndaried’. We can be loving, kind and polite to others without always having to get into deep or connecting conversation with them. Sometimes, if we are in our zone and shining our light, we can do more for our own well being and others by staying in our zone and not allowing ourselves to get drawn into others’ dramas.

4. Recognise it isn’t your own issue. One thing that took me a long time to realise was that the pains, fears or troubles I was experiencing weren’t always mine. Most empaths recognise and acknowledge to some extent that it isn’t our issue or pain but, as it enters our bodies and minds, we begin to identify with it and take it on. Allow yourself to stand back from it and watch it; see that it doesn’t belong to you. You can feel it but it isn’t actually coming from you.

5. Combat the negativity with positivity. It can be difficult, when a heavy energy comes, to lift it out of our space. Whilst it can take a lot of initial energy to get the heavy pain to move, once you have got underneath it, so to speak, you should find that you will be able to shift it with the light of creativity and joy. By following step 4 and separating from it, you should be able to get enough distance to employ a joyful experience that gets your loving energy flowing again.

Whatever drama finds its way into your energy, if you feel the overload, remember that the lightness of your knowingness and joy will always be able to combat the darkness and heaviness. Good health and habits that create a strong and vital body and energy field will also help tremendously. Remember that, as much as you may want to help others and reach out to those who are in pain and sadness, there is only so much you can do and you must take care of you too. Don’t be afraid to make a boundary. Acknowledge what you can and cannot withstand and don’t go beyond your own healthy limit.

Love Kat xx

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