Allow yourself to be loved and supported by the Universe. The Chariot moves you forwards. You will be helped. But you need to also get involved in this too which means you need to be very focused and determined when you get that nudge and help from the Universe. You are learning this now. When your intuition and instincts spike and you know you’re being guided and you know what’s the right thing to do for you. That’s when you need to take action on that and listen.

It’s all about being very determined, not from a mental point of view, not from getting up in your head, not by problem solving or working it out. No, instead it comes by listening to your intuition, listening to that inner core, that guides you and tells you, “This is the right way to go,” and you know that it is the right way to go. You listen to the direction you’re being guided into. You feel that with the sense of ease and flow within you. After that, it is about allowing this direction into your life.

When it comes to every day life, it’s not always ease and flow. There are challenges, there are difficulties. What they are telling you is that it is all about remembering, remembering their guidance, remembering your inner guidance and why you decided to move forwards on this path in that way. When you start moving forwards, don’t be afraid to stay feeling very focused and determined. You may have to encounter some obstacles. You may have to go about things a slightly different way. All of this is absolutely OK. It’s no problem.

If you move forwards with trust you know you will be given the next step, that you will be supported. They are standing beside you helping you. The seven of wands is the general energy and sets the tone of this teaching and healing today. It’s all about knowing what is in your heart and moving forwards from that set point. Focus now and in the future on what you know is right for you and then moving forwards from this point.

Perhaps other people think differently. Perhaps other people have opinions about what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Perhaps you have people or situations or events that drag you down. But you can fly free. You can avoid, transcend and move beyond all the limitations by listening to your inner guidance and allowing them – the guides, your spirit guides, the Universe and angels to guide you onto the next step for you.

It won’t always be easy. That’s OK. The Universe is not going to send you any more than you can deal with. Have faith in yourself. Feel the strength within you as well as the strength that they bring to you. Allow your awareness to feel the energy of the Universe around you. Allow yourself to feel the energy of your own strength – of spirit, your own spirit, of the energy of all things combined.

The Hierophant and the Page of Coins. Good news comes to you when you stay on the path that you know, from your inner selves’ point of view, is right for you. Your on an inner journey here. You are moving along your path towards the next right step for you and they’re saying, “You can get there. You can move towards the next stage for you.” They’re guiding you. You’re inner guidance is guiding you.

There may be someone coming into your life who will also speak to you from the guides. You may have a physical guide in your life – a supporter, a helper, a mentor. You don’t actually need this. If you have this, it’s wonderful. If you don’t have physical support, don’t worry. They are telling you that they are there for you.

Stay true to your path. Be the constant, perpetual and life long student. Be a teacher to other people by being full of this youthful Page of Coins energy. When we allow this into our lives, this is the key. There is this sense of good news, the potential for new beginnings for something positive to come into your life. There is something new, a new start that is trying to break through. This is all about learning, offering and offering your true self.

Eight of wands is about moving forwards. We thank the guides and the Universe for moving us forwards. Perhaps things have felt stuck lately and things have felt challenging in recent times. You can and will move forwards. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s coming very soon. Take a deep breath and allow the Universe to move through you and to guide you and help you and support you in moving towards this next step on this beautiful journey that you are on. You are moving along this path. You are going to feel inspired.

It’s all about inner strength and journey. It’s about you finally flowing up and over and around those barriers that are within you. You are going to transcend your inner obstacles very soon. You are going to get the opportunity to move beyond and to find an inspiring way to get where you want to be.

Yes, you have the ace of swords to help you. The truth is coming. They are saying, “All is well,” you are finally cutting the cords with the past situation which has been making things difficult for you. We thank the Universe, we thank our guides and angels for cutting those cords now during this meditation now. We watch as the fall away, as the drop away, as they flow and we transcend and rise up – as we move beyond.

In the coming days we will encounter some small residual strands of these old issues but we can move past them. This is what they want you to know. You have the power to cut away those few, final tendrils and to move forwards and to flow forwards.

You are already successful. That’s what they really want you to know. Your heart knows the light and love that is you. Your heart knows the right path for you and how to tune into your guides, the Universe, the angels. Your heart knows which direction to go and what is right for you. It knows the next step for you.

How do you access this? You open your heart, that’s all you need to do. You open up now. You open your heart and you allow that joy to flow from the Universe through your body. You become the Universe, you are the Universe, and you flow with this energy. And this is the new beginning for you – this new beginning, this new cycle, this new phase comes into your life.

Yes, the ten of cups is here! Happiness, joy, total fulfilment and happily ever after. This is happily ever after comes when you open your heart. When your heart opens up and you allow all that is to flow in and you flow with all that is. You start to move in harmony and everything starts to move together and things flow and abundance flows. The right people, situations and events turn up and happen.

Everything starts to flow. Everything starts to come together. You complete one cycle and you start another.

You begin a new cycle now and everything starts to move forwards for you. Everything starts to flow for you. Joy and happiness comes in for you and positivity comes in for you.

King of Coins brings a sense of abundance at last. Maybe a significant male figure will enter your life and help you. This doesn’t have to be the case. This card is a symbol from them to you of abundance. This is solid energy, a stable energy. It’s an earthy energy – a grounded energy. Joy comes through that connection with the earth, with all that is and it comes through the symbol of the King of Coins. This is you, now, in your power. But it’s very grounded, stable, solid power. There’s a lot of red around you.

You are grounded in the base chakra energy which sets the foundation for everything else and this is how all your abundance can come through for you. You are grounded, you have learned your lessons and now you can flow and get into the next stage of abundance where abundance flows to you.

This is what we’re tapping into today – this new flow of abundance but it hasn’t only just arrived. They are asking me to tell you that this abundance has always been there and always will be there. You are not creating this through tapping into this energy – you don’t need to create the abundance – the abundance is already there. What you are actually doing is allowing this flow to come through you.

How do you do allow this flow to come through you? By grounding yourself and staying balanced – by being authentic, by being honest and also by, most importantly, opening your heart. This is the guides’ favourite topic, “Open your Heart.” Open up to the flow and listen to them. Allow them to speak to you. They speak to you through your heart, through that inner stirring, through that inner knowing that comes from the sensation deep within you. The inner knowing, intuition and heart awareness.

They are saying, “Three of Wands.” There’s so much opportunity for you on the horizon. You have no idea how much abundance is trying to come to you. It’s time to start being creative. It’s time to start being creative. It’s time to start opening up to creative projects and ideas – inspiration. We have the Eight of Wands with the Three of Wands supporting. The Eight of Wands is about inner vision and being able to move forwards and the Three of Wands is saying that now it’s your time to start listening to these inspirations and moving forwards.

Don’t worry if you can’t see lots of opportunity yet. It’s perhaps just out of your field of vision at the moment. The Three of Wands is saying that it is coming for you. Perhaps you can’t quite see it yet but it will come to you and flow to you eventually. Listen to your inner guidance and inner inspiration. You are being guided towards the next step for you.

Listen to your inner stirrings. Listen to creativity.

Start getting excited about the next step for you. The Strength card is the final card in today’s healing tarot reading meditation. I feel this very strongly for you because the eight of wands is very strong in the reading.

We have the Seven of Wands with the Chariot and the Eight of Wands with the Strength card. This is so important that their first healing meditation for you, their first tarot reading meditation for you is all about overcoming what seemed to be perceived barriers. But they’re really even there!

You can flow and fly and transcend these difficulties. The Chariot is the outer barriers, the barriers and difficulties out there in the world. The Strength card is all about the inner barriers – our fears, our worries, our inner issues, our mental chatter. The Strength card is all about overcoming our own inner limitations.

They are asking you now to consider where you have limited yourself and they have paired the Strength card with the Ace of Swords. It is time to cut ties with limitation. It’s time to cut ties with inner boundaries. You are infinite, you are light, you are bright, you can shine. You came with a set of codes, with a set of instructions. You maybe can’t feel them all the time – maybe you can’t feel them at all, but you don’t need to in your own mind. Your heart knows the way.

Your heart knows the way and your heart is always talking to the Universe and to everyone and everything around you. The Guides are saying that to really maximise this and to heal, rise up and achieve, to manifest, to move forwards in your life and achieve this Ten of Cups, this total abundance and joy – they are asking you ultimately, to find where you have placed the inner barriers. Now it is time to just let them go. They are saying to you to keep it simple, you don’t have to do anything more. This meditation will do it, if you want it to, if you believe it’s possible, if you allow it. These barriers can fall away now.

These inner limitations can fall away now. The Strength card is all about being brave. It’s about moving forwards. It’s about using your inner wisdom to balance outer action with inner awareness. It’s about being bold and going in the direction that you know is right for you. They are asking for you to know that they love you.

The Universe, the guides, the angels – all of the help from the Universe is there for you all of the time. Ask for help, allow the help to come to you and listen. Open your heart and listen as they give you the messages that you need to hear.

Maybe they are telling you these messages now. If not, it will come to you over the next day, or maybe the next couple of days. Perhaps you want to listen to this meditation regularly. They will send you messages. Tune in to that inner warmth, that core feeling at the centre of your body that feels right – the inner knowingness. They are guiding you to this now. They are saying, “Feel now.”

Shine the awareness inwards now. They are helping you to feel it now. If you can’t feel it now that’s OK as well. You are always in the right place. You are always where you need to be. All the frustrations, all the irritations – this is just mind. It’s not even your mind, it’s just human mind that you are plugging into. That’s OK as well. You are always in the right place and every moment is an opportunity to find some new and amazing next step. Or some new and amazing movement forwards.

They are guiding you and helping you. Some of you will find that they are talking to you now… You are feeling that guidance and the strong sense that, “This is the next step for me…” or “All is well!”

For some of you, the guidance is going to come over the next day or two. It might be feathers, numbers, a repeated word. It could come to you as a dream or even as a flash of inspiration when you least expect it. You will know it’s them talking to you because you’ll feel it in your heart, and it will open up your heart and you will burst with this Eight of Wands inspiration and you will feel this bold, courageous, powerful energy coming through you and you will know you are not on your own.

You will know that you are being guided and that this is the right next step for you.

Maybe it will be some big next step. Maybe it will be to take a nap. Maybe it will be just an inner awareness of your own worth and value. They want you to know before we end today’s meditation that you are love, you are light, you are perfect. You were formed perfectly by the Universe and you are light and you are love. You have so much to share just by being you.

We hope that you enjoyed today’s meditation. Transferred to you with Love! We love you so much. Have an amazing day or evening!

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