It is so quiet at the junction,

The lights turn green to red,

green to red;

A single woman takes her walk

She doesn’t try to smile or talk,

She looks so nervous, bows her head;

She rushes past, looks down instead.


The sound is stranger with space between,

The road feels wide and empty,

sad and lost.

Shops are closed and some are boarded,

Homes bulge, inhabitants hoarded;

Someone peeps out past a curtain,

With a look of fear – uncertain.


No one knows what will happen next,

Confusion collides with emptiness,


Watching news and daily update

People wonder, what is their fate?

Is it ruse or silent killer?

The crossing fades to ever stiller.


The fear is set to full and panic,

No more green, only red and sad,

red and sad;

Empty roads feel wide, morose,

Unhappy hearts with fear so close,

We stay away for we are told,

And wait with only hope to hold.