About Kat Abbott

Storyteller at Heart

Kat Abbott has been writing and telling stories since she was a young child. After a significant awakening in 2015, Kat became very aware that her mission was that of a storyteller with one simple message:

“Open your heart”

Ever since her awakening she has been reading energies for people and writing every day to bring forwards the message that we all need to ‘open our hearts’.

Kat has an MA in Philosophy of Mind (The University of Hull, UK) and is a qualified teacher and ETF practitioner.

Kat has worked for several years as a professional intuitive, dividing her time between writing and reading energies for clients all over the world.

​Having recovered from a significant breakdown and awakening, Kat’s mission is to bring forward the teaching of ‘open your heart’ and help as many people as possible. She does this through her books, blog, personal consultations and courses.

Kat’s ambition is to reach a wider audience with her writing and spread the teaching further.

When she’s not writing or working with clients, Kat can be found reading, travelling and spending time in nature with her dog, Freja.

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