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Stalactites and stalagmites Heavy rocks in my body cave Dragging down and causing Weight with pain of awkward lagging faith.   Is it fernweh that makes me Want to sleep and lay all day in bed Instead of trying to stay ahead Even in such pessimistic times?   What is that drags my shoulders down? […]

Hucknall Road Junction

It is so quiet at the junction, The lights turn green to red, green to red; A single woman takes her walk She doesn’t try to smile or talk, She looks so nervous, bows her head; She rushes past, looks down instead.   The sound is stranger with space between, The road feels wide and […]

Bringing Health

Weighted down in glorious fashion Breathing deeply in grateful expression The pictures line the steady walls With familiar sights that bolster calm   Music rings out gently and flows Around my head and down legs to toes Steady songs brings steady thoughts Quietness fills the gaps between   Feeling inner body moves Tingled fingers draws […]


5 Ways to stop empathic overload

If you’re an empath, chances are that you have times when you just want to be able to shut it down, or at least tune it out to some degree or other. Empathic skills are a Universal given gift and can help us to help others. However, sometimes, it can be intrusive and difficult to […]

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Tenerife Meditation Journeys

(Written pre pandemic!) I’ve meditated for years… literally, years. I can’t really remember when I was I started consciously doing so but I remember perhaps my first significant experience of it at 24. I had a particularly spiritual and ‘hippie’ boyfriend at the time who had spent the afternoon talking to me about his experiences […]