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The Life and Times of Graeme and Steve

“They’re just giant f***ing flying rats!” my Uncle exclaimed… “bleedin’ things.” I suppose it’s true in a way, they are scavengers. I’m talking of seagulls of course, I’m sure you knew that though, from the title. Having been brought up by the sea, seagulls have always been a part of my life. Even though I […]


Lazy Wednesday in Pictures

‘LazyWednesdays’ is a tour on the island of Gran Canaria by www.excursionsgrancanaria.com and one I can highly recommend. Whichever tour you choose on the island, you’ll get a real treat due to the variety of terrain and interest this little island has to offer. Today’s blog is more like a tour in pictures and hopefully […]

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The sight of you makes my heart break into two exactly symmetrical pieces,   You’re so tall and wide. Golden earth and rock that holds inside a detailed truth about me.   It’s a peculiar truth – Is it memory or a return to youth? Or a special something else that I can’t see?